Fieldvisit Royal GD – Agrisyst

Field visit Royal GD – Agrisyst

Last week (January 24th), we were guests of our Dutch partner Royal GD in Deventer.

Presentations by Dutch partners Royal GD and AgriSyst – from data to returns were on the programme.

Wim Kieftenbeld (Royal GD) gave insight into their (inter)national activities.
Every day, Royal GD works with great passion and experience to optimise monitoring, maintaining and increasing animal health. With all the techniques and possibilities, further developments are also being put into practice, for example, in certain areas, bringing the lab to the farm (via veterinarians) instead of samples to the lab. This gives many advantages; there is no need to transport samples, and results are available more quickly, which can be acted upon more quickly.

A very interesting presentation followed by a tour of the impressive laboratory.

Twan van Dijk (Agrisyst) took us into the world of data collection, exchange and processing.
With a film, he gave a glimpse of the possibilities of the future. With all available techniques, it will be possible to collect, exchange and process extensive and more specific data into useful analyses in an even more targeted way. With this, faster and better decisions can be made to optimise and improve results.

Furthermore, a welcome to 3 new companies joining Dutch Agribusiness Worldwide: Fancom BV, Veldman Group and Schothorst Feed Research.